Is Walker Hayes Married?

The Love Story Begins

Walker Hayes’s break up with his long time girlfriend was very shocking for the couple’s fans. After a year and a half of dating, Walker and his now ex girlfriend Laney Beville Hayes had ended their relationship. The reason for the break up was not given but it was a very shocking event for the music lovers. After the break up, Walker started dating his now wife Laney. The couple dated for a year and a half while they were in high school together. The two were inseparable and were often spotted on dates. They even became friends with their parents, who had known each other for years.

Hayes Gets Back Together

Conservative Christian Hayes is a self-professed “guidance kid,” and he knows what he believes — and he believes that homosexuality is a sin. So, naturally, when his wife first told him she was in love with another woman and they decided to get back together, Hayes was not happy with it. He ended up writing a song about his experience which he titled “Back Together.”


Wedding Day!

Walker and Laney Hayes’s wedding day was very low-key. The couple didn’t want to be pressured or put on a schedule.

The Walker and Laney Story Continued

After the couple tied the knot, they decided to start a family. The couple has been married for 17 years and they think they’re ready to start a family. They’re very excited to become parents and can’t wait to see how their son will change the world. The pair has been married for 17 years and they think they’re ready to start a family.

is walker hayes married

Walker Hayes’s Net Worth

As a rising country music star, Walker Hayes has accumulated a net worth of $3 million. Hayes is popular for writing songs such as “Wherever You Are,” “Pretty Little Girl,” and “Stupid Girl.” He has released four studio albums so far.

Social Media Accounts

Walker Hayes has more than 11.8 million followers on social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The Alabama native posts pictures of his family on a daily basis and uses the hashtag #HayesFamily. He also shares videos of himself performing with his music and typically retweets the positive comments from his fans.

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